Know your fashion ARCHETYPE

Fashion Archetype

Smart clothing comes as an outcome of a proper planning of the wardrobe. You may ask, but why is this needed? The answer is to refurbish your looks and to keep you presentable even after a certain age, when normally women retire from fashion.


The question of the hour is what to do first to keep one as fashionable as ever. The simplest thing you can do is to know your fashion ARCHETYPE. You may need some help in planning your entire wardrobe, don’t worry, here we go!

Rules of Fashion ARCHETYPE:

Simply, you need to follow three golden rules: STRATEGIZE, ORGANIZE and SHOP.


The first and foremost thing to be taken care of is to STRATEGIZE. It’s you who have to decide what image you want to portray. How do you want to express fashion through your dressing sense? Next you need to focus on your lifestyle. That will help you decide what all you ought to wear when and where. This takes care of balancing your expenses.


Secondly, you just ORGANIZE your closet. Sort out the useful outfits and discard the outdated ones. This will definitely give you some of the figure flattering and useful picks from the heap scattered out.

Use your creativity to pair up things. Get your imaginations wild to make great wearing combinations. A tank top which you opted to throw can be teamed up with a pair of slacks and jacket. It will create a new look.

Figure out the missing link, which can extend your wardrobe personality. You must have a white shirt, a wrist watch, a stylish all-weather coat or a shrug to play it cool.


Now here comes your favourite of all-time job – SHOPPING! Wait! Carry a list of key items you have to buy. Try buying something which suits your figure and can go well with your two – three other wearable stuffs. Splurge on sale only when you think the items you are buying will be good pairing for at least one-two of your other assets you own.

Try mixing and matching styles, colours and patterns. Include prints with something plain and go neutral with something in dark shades to make a stylish and elegant combination.

Enhance the best feature of your body. If you have broad shoulders, do not feel shy in showing them off by wearing an off-shoulder dress or a halter neck blouse with a chiffon saree.  Those with a beautiful long neck should slip on to a boat neck top or a V-neck dress to enhance the beauty of their body.

Women with narrow waist should focus on low-waist skirts and denims paired with a breezy top.  If you have long legs, show some skin by putting on cropped jeans with a top and a cardigan.  Go for gladiators in such cases. These will spice up your look.

Try giving an edge to your wardrobe by bringing in some exciting elements like an enchanting hue, a printed scarf, a dazzling pendant, a sleek belt, ankle length boots or wide-rim sunglasses. Carry these with suitable clothes depending upon the situation and occasion you dress up for and stay stylish regardless your age.