Why Go For Quality Running Shoes?

quality running shoes

All shoes hit the ground basically in the same way with each step. But, running may cause injury to your foot. This is why running shoes are specifically designed to prevent injury from that repetitive motion by offering specific cushioning to aid in shock absorption, as well as design features to help move you forward with greater ease.

Why proper running shoes are important?

As discussed earlier, a good pair of running shoes can lessen the impact of your step and cushions the foot from heavy landings. Features of quality running shoes are stability or motion control, excellent cushioning, better surface traction and stability. Quality running shoes also feature excellent breathability.

Often people experience massive pain after they are done with their running exercise. This is because a great number of people still don’t understand the importance of investing in a good pair of running shoes. Just because your old pair of running shoes is cheaper and you don’t want to spend an extra penny on the branded ones, will land you up in sore feet with massive pain just after your jogging or running regime is over.

Running shoes that are mere ‘running shoes’ for the name are not technologically designed and are manufactured with cheap quality insoles and outsoles, that wear out after a certain period. Whereas, if we talk about branded shoes for running purposes, they are technologically designed to keep your feet at ease without compromising on the gait you require running a mile extra.

You might come across with certain people who turn up to the running track and field events with the bulkiest pair of basketball shoes that they actually don’t require. You will only find a certain type of shoes in regular stores that are tagged as running shoes but are really just ‘simple sport shoes’. You can find them perfect fitted and comfortable at that time, but the aftermaths are really not so beneficial for professional runners. Go to top brand showrooms and feel the difference yourself. You will come across with so many options that suit your feet shape, your running style and offcourse your size.

But, how would you know what type of shoes will actually suit your running style is? Well, here are a few pointers that can very well help your pair of shoes for running purposes:

Stability shoes:

If you chose stability shoes, they will help you to decelerate the basic pronation. Say if you are a neutral runner, these shoes will fit the best.

Cushioning shoes:

These shoes will provide you elevated shock absorption and minimal medial (arch side) support. If you are one of the mild pronators or supinators, these shoes will work best for you. If you are a neutral runner, then these shoes are good during off-pavement runs.

Motion control shoes:

Motion control shoes are best for runners who have moderate to severe over-pronation. These shoes have stiffer heels as compared to other running shoes.

Once you select a good pair of running shoes, you will find that your feet feel lighter as you run. This depends on how well the shoe has taken to the shape of your foot. If you are finding problems like the onset of blisters, it means you still have not found the right pair of shoes.

Choosing the right pair of running shoes is not as complicated as rocket science, but if you are a beginner it can be a daunting task to sort through all the shoe models and juggle between high-tech shoe systems. Go to a big brand showroom that specialises in high-tech running shoes to make this task easier as you can find tailored running shoes that fit in right as per your running style and foot shape!!

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