Useless FULL closet can be USEFUL!

“My closet is full but I have nothing to wear”! You might have heard this line from a friend or it might have happened with you too at times. Well, self experience is the best experience. What do you do at times like these when you go crazy hunting for a suitable outfit but in vain? Your closet seems so overflowing every time you open it. But, when nothing seems reasonable enough to wear, you feel depressed and stressed out!

Reasons can be varied, but you too need to be clear in your head about the same. In few months you have gained so much of weight that your last purchase has not been utilized well. You have out of hurry bought all those slim fit trousers and tee but now they are useless seeing to your increased size.

Then, there were some dresses which amazed you with their designs but you can hardly carry them often because they are just party pieces. They are hanging in your cupboard since last celebration of your friend’s birthday party. And, this year you have merely got a chance to wear and flaunt it. Some of the clothes like skirt, trousers, shirts and stole which you feel are of no more use to you can be reused by a bit styling.

First of all, always buy things that you really thing you will wear at least for some months. Next, keep yourself fit to keep flaunting your favourite top or dress.

Skirts which you thought are of no more use can be paired with racer backs. Adding a shrug would make the whole look smart. Shirts which went smaller in size can be worn unbuttoned over a racer back. Use one of the contrast coloured or darker shades of the racer backs. Leggings which you were thinking of throwing away can be paired up with three-fourth top, kurti or a knee-length shirt. Try playing with colour contrast and colour blocking techniques. Add some funkiness to your attire by accessorizing with a long neckpiece or some bold bangles.

Try keeping yourself simple and clean for a day time party or get together while for a night party you can carry the zing with bold and darker shades. Also, keep arranging your closet time to time. This helps keep your things in order and place and in times of need, you can get the wanted pick in no time. Sort out all those stuffs you find really annoying and useless for you. This can lessen the burden of standing and selecting useful pieces out at actual times. Get set go and clear your USELESS closet now!