Green Tea Is Healthy! Drink It Everyday

A powerhouse of antioxidants, green tea is one of the healthiest beverages. Drinking green tea everyday can help you lose weight and lower the risk of many serious diseases, like cancer, heart disease as well as diabetes.

It is true that a morning is incomplete without a cup of tea. Many people like drinking milk tea but some people prefer drinking green tea. Also known as herbal tea, green tea contains innumerable medicinal properties. It has a mild taste, which makes it one of the most preferred drinks of the world.

Green tea comprises 30 and 40 percent polyphenols that contribute to its myriad of health benefits. It contains a potent plant nutrient known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that is helpful in reducing fat. Research at Tufts University indicates that EGCG in green tea, like other catechins, activate fat-burning genes in the abdomen to speed weight loss by 77 percent. Research also reveals that EGCG is also helpful in lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia, many digestive cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

According to a report published in the research journal Obesity, green tea consumption slows weight gain by 45 percent. The study was conducted by researchers from the Pennsylvania State University. This study analyzed the health development of a test group of obese mice that were fed a high-fat diet mixed with green tea extracts, and compared it to that of a control group of obese mice that were fed the same diet, without the green tea compounds. The mice in the test group gained weight at a much slower rate than the mice in the control group, and they appeared to be in better health overall.

Researchers also noted that consuming green tea did not appear to suppress appetite. This was the clear indication that the weight reduction effect was due to inhibition of fat cell genesis.

Other Health Benefits of Green Tea:

Green tea contains considerable amounts of carotenoids, vitamin C, and trace elements (including chromium, manganese, selenium and zinc). Owing to their presence, it has also helpful in preventing tooth decay by improving bone quality and density, as well as to fight against different forms of cancer. Studies have found an association between consuming green tea and a reduced risk for several cancers, including, skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal, and bladder.

Green Tea Shrinks Cancerous Tumours:

A team of scientists from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, publishing in the journal Nanomedicine have determined that EGCG extracted from green tea could be a powerful weapon in treatments for tackling cancer. The scientists discovered that delivering EGCG eliminates existing tumors in humans. The treatment displayed no side effects to normal tissues.

Drinking Green Tea Boosts Brain Cell Production:

A research recently published in the journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research reveals natural properties of green tea actually affect the generation of new brain cells linked to improved memory and spatial learning.

Green Tea Lowers LDL Cholesterol Levels:

Since it contains catechin polyphenols, specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), it is quite helpful in controlling bad cholesterol levels.

Green Tea Drinkers Show Less Disability With Age:

A study conducted by researchers of the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan revealed that senior citizens who drink green tea have better control of their bodies to remain functional as they age.

Green Tea, an Effective Medicine to Tackle All Types of Cancers:

As discussed earlier, green tea contains rich concentrations of catechins, flavonoids, polyphenols, and other nutritive compounds that each possesses its own healing capabilities. Green tea polyphenols, for instance, have proven chemo-protective properties, while green tea catechins have proven antiviral and immuno-modulating properties. Together, these compounds synergistically fortify the body and protect it against the development and spread of malignant cancer cells. According to a report published in journal Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, green tea consumption may provide a protective shield against ovarian, endometrial, cervical, and various other forms of gynecologic cancer.

Controls Diabetes:

Green tea contains vitamins C and E, lutein and zeaxanthin, which provide specific protection to the eyes against diseases like glaucoma.

Green tea intake improves insulin use in the body and prevents blood sugar spikes and crashes that can result in fatigue, irritability, and cravings for unhealthy foods. In a new study just published in the journal Food Chemistry, a team of researchers from the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology at National Chung-Hsing University and the National Institute of Cancer Research in Taiwan have determined that under high-glucose conditions, EGCG may trigger beneficial processes in the body.

Green Tea Intake May Prevents Glaucoma:

How to Brew a Cup of Green Tea:

Preparing a cup of green tea involves the following steps:

  • Use approximately 2 – 4 grams of tea or a green tea bag, per cup
  • Fill a kettle with cold water and bring to a boil
  • Boil the water for three minutes
  • Pour the hot water in a cup, add sugar according to your taste
  • Allowing the tea to cool and  start enjoying the cup of green tea

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Green tea is undoubtedly a natural way to keep many diseases at way. Now the question arises how many cups of green tea one should drink in a day. Well, this is a very confusing question as there are multiple answers to this question. For instance, Herbs for Health magazine cites a Japanese report stating that men who drank ten cups of green tea per day stayed cancer-free for three years longer than men who drank less than three cups a day. Another research conducted by scientists at the Cleveland’s Western Reserve University concluded that drinking four or more cups of green tea per day could help prevent rheumatoid arthritis, or reduce symptoms in individuals already suffering from the disease. However, a different Japanese research concluded that breast cancer spreads less quickly in women with a history of drinking five cups or more of green tea daily. But, many physicians suggest that drinking three or four cups of green tea is ok.

(Contributed by: Sameer Abbas Zaidi)