December 11, 2012 at 4:33 am

Colours Can Make A Difference

Have you imagined life in black and white? It would be so monotonous and lifeless had it been just black and white everywhere! The essence of colours in our nature is inbuilt and inseparable. It is then that we find the world around us so bright, lively and beautiful.

Every colour has its significance. Black for example helps you look leaner than you are. For special occasions, there are specific colours to wear and use. Let’s glance on these colours and make life more colourful.

Orange: This colour has a major role to play in Indian tradition. Being holy, this colour has its place secured for festivals and celebrations. Tints of orange can be very well seen in decorations during marriages. This colour being a bright one is also used in traffic signals to avoid confusion. What more, this season looks forward to this colour with a warm welcome.

White: Compared with spirituality and truthfulness, this colour is the purest of all. It signifies purity and freshness. Wear it to be yourself. It gives a positive feeling.

Black: Being a no colour yet counted as one of the most beautiful tone, black is a complementary yet a complete hue in itself. It signifies boldness and confidence of the wearer.

Violet: Defining royalty, violet shows richness. Worn in history by kings and queens, this colour adds substance to the wardrobe. For a fairer skin to attend an evening party, indulge in the shades of violet.

Red: Known for its boldness, red is very much associated with hotness too. Having a direct connection with food temptation, it is a “never to be outdated” hue of fashion. The trends of this fall see red in rosebud shades as a remarkable tone. It is also a symbol of love. But, remember not to keep the entire get up of yours red. Complement it with a black or white shoe or accessory.

Yellow: Being the brightest colour after orange, this increases the appetite and your cravings for food. Choose a yellow dress for a day party. It is also denotes friendship.

Green: Being the best for vision, this colour is associated with health and growth. Walking on the green grass early morning is good for the eye sight. Green in fewer amounts adds modesty and sophistication to your wardrobe. It brings the feeling of prosperity.

Brown: This colour gives a neat and well structured look. Those who are tempted to vomit while travelling should always keep a brown card or handkerchief. Looking at it will avoid nausea.

Grey: Related to depth, grey is a colour for formal wear. It looks simple, mod and trendy at the same time.

Pink: The colour itself defines it. Cute is the feeling when pink crosses our eyes. It’s lovely to see a girl wearing a pink dress or carrying a pink bag. It looks its best when complemented with some darker color like blue or black.

Blue: Being the colour of sky, blue depicts life and freedom. Those who love to adorn blue can try the variant shades of it. Royal blue for a dusky skin tone and sky blue for a fairer skin will help enhance the natural charm of the respective complexions.

(Contributed by Shruti Suman)

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