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Channeling Varsity Jacket

All hail the Varsity Jacket for its versatility! Despite its mannish silhouette, you do not have to pair it only with jeans and T-shirts. You can create a totally different and fashionable look by layering it with your fancy statement dresses. Varsity Jackets were popular in high schools and colleges but with many designers embracing this sporty jacket, it is now favored by all trendsetters and fashion savants.

If you do not have this athletic-inspired jacket, it is time for you to start hunting for the right fit and colour for you because it is a must-have for all the fashion savvy people. This season, forget your boyfriend blazers and go for this super cool and sexy varsity jacket and channel a smart and sexy androgynous look.

How will you wear your Varsity jacket? Every trendsetter has their own style of channeling the Varsity Jacket, so how are you wearing yours? We have curated stars sporting the IT Jacket. Check out which is your favourite.

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If you like how Taylor Swift has styled her Varsity Jacket, you can try it too. You can pair it with oxfords, shorts and a plain white T-shirt. This look will look good with almost all body types. Absolutely chic and preppy, you can also accessorise it with a long necklace and wayfarers or you can also keep it simple by no-accessorising as the jacket will do the talking.

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Check out how our style Queen Rihanna has style her Varsity Jacket. She has made this stylish jacket a little personal by monogramming her name. Get her style by pairing your Varsity Jacket with leggings, cool graphic T-shirt and funky sneakers.

If you like styling your Varsity Jacket in a more ladylike and polished way, do it like this pretty girl. We love how she has style her Varsity with leather pencil skirt and simple button-down shirt. If you plan to do it like her, don’t forget to wear your heels. You can also pair it with lace or floral pencil skirts for a more androgynous-meets-elegant look.

Varsity jacket, also known as bomber jacket and Letterman Jacket is also popular with the boys. From the big guys like kanye West, Chris brown to teenage heartthrob like Justin Bieber and One Direction, this iconic jacket has earned a space in every celebrity and fashion blogger wardrobe.

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Our Favourite Celebrity sporting Varsity Jacket is the smart and beautiful Elle Fanning.

She knows how to nail the chic look so effortlessly. She has made the simple white dress so appealing by pairing it with the vibrant orange and white Varsity Jacket. Her soft curls, subtle shoulder bag and cute sandals go so well with her look.

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Now that you know how cool is Varsity Jacket and how much it makes you look super chic and trendy, it’s time to start Shoppingg! High street brand like Forever 21 and Asos has Varsity at an affordable price tag, so you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket.

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